Mantrik Fyre ཁྲོཾ

The Red Dzao (sometimes written Dao or Yao) is a hill tribe in Northern Vietnam. Their shamanism is mainly Daoist, but may also have elements of Buddhism. I have been fortunate enough to learn a little about their practices, added some from the web, and shown some artefacts I have acquired.

I will add to the information in this entry as I discover more.

So, how did the role of Shaman appear in the Dzao communities? Well, first of all they are not called ‘shaman’ but a title most closely translated as ‘sorcerer’. Here is a brief background:

Legend had it that Dao ancestors were living in mountainous areas when devils appeared, killing people, eating livestock and destroying crops, making life truly mournful. The Jade Emperor sent heavenly fighters to earth to kill them, who, however, could not wipe out the devils because they were too many. As earthly people…

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