Opinions vary about the validity of receiving an initiation remotely.  I have attended initiations where many people sat around 50 yards outside of the building where the initiation took place, receiving it via the TV.  This was live.  Others have given initiations via telecast over the internet.

There are two factors – space and time.  Is it essential to be in the same place, or at the same time?  Well, if the person giving the initiation is to be regarded as a Buddha, this activity transcends such limitations.

Whatever the view, here is the video.  For those who regard Lochen Rinpoche as a Buddha transcending space and time then this may be regarded as a valid  initiation.  Others may simply choose to watch out of interest.  In posting this via the website I am simply providing  access to Youtube.  The rest is down to you. 🙂

The practice of the Threefold Wrathful One is performed to purify diseases, malicious inlfictions, negativities and obscurations of the practitioner and others.  The text of the sadhana may be obtained from the FPMT.:

FPMT Booklet $1:

The initiation is broadcast in 7 parts and includes instructions for those who wish to take the initiation and for those who simply want to view it and receive the blessings of that experience.