Transcendental Wisdom Multi-Coloured Garuda Sadhana

As with other Garuda Sadhanas, this one deals with defilements, illnesses and harm from spirits.

Garuda reduces his size to that of Mount Meru in order to be accessible for this practice.

I begin with Prostrations to the supreme deity Transcendental Wisdom Multi-Coloured Garuda, followed by Refuge in the Triple Gem.

Then there is Meditation on the Four Immeasurable Thoughts:

Equanimity, Loving Kindness, Compassion and Joyfulness.

After generating Special Bodhichitta to become Transcendental Wisdom Multi-Coloured Garuda for the sake of all beings, I begin the core practice. As with other sadhanas, you are advised not to self-generate as Transcendental Wisdom Multi-Coloured Garuda without the specific empowerment or HYT empowerment – simply perform the sadhana with Transcendental Wisdom Multi-Coloured Garuda in front.

From Emptiness, a seed syllable appears and transforms into the Naga King as a golden serpent, with my mind appearing above it as another seed syllable.

Light rays from this seed syllable radiate and pacify all sicknesses, spirit harm, negativities and obscurations which may harm me.

There then follows a detailed description of the self-generation and the forms of Buddha Garuda (white, at my throat), Jewel Garuda (gold, south), Lotus Garuda (red, west ), Karma Garuda (green, north)  and Vajra Garuda (blue, east).

The seed syllables are then visualised in my body and Guru Vajrapani is invoked, taking a position at the crown of my head.  All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas merge into Vajrapani.

Offerings are then made to Guru Vajrapani, who then merges into me as the embodiment of the Refuges, and is asked for blessings.

I then become Transcendental Wisdom Multi-Coloured Garuda Vajrapani embodying all the 5 Buddha races/families , all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. I ask the deity for blessing.

With the syllables clearly appearing at my heart I recite the Garuda Mantra as many times as possible:


(sometimes expressed as OM PA KSHIM SVAHA).

Finally there is a Dedication.

The full sadhana is available from:

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